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The Department of Mechanical Engineering


Rice University is consistently ranked among the nation's top education and research institutions. By aligning itself with the University's Mission, the Department of Mechanical Engineering makes a commitment to excellence in education and aspires to path-breaking research that contributes to society.

Educational Objectives

The Department's curricula are designed to prepare a diverse group of students to become leaders within and outside of engineering. Graduates will have a strong technical foundation, an ability to attack open-ended problems successfully, and the professional skills to work and communicate in a complex, ever-changing world. With this preparation, graduates can truly become leaders, whether they are pursuing a post-graduate education or entering a career in industry or government.

Continuous Improvement

All of our constituents (students, faculty, alumni, industry, and government) are continually evaluating and improving the department's degree programs to fulfill our mission of excellence in education. Critical student work is assessed and evaluated to determine the knowledge and skills that students acquire. For graduate students, important milestones like preliminary candidacy exams, qualifying exams, and thesis proposals are assessed. Senior design projects and sample work from core courses provide feedback on undergraduate courses. Students also provide constructive feedback through Town Hall meetings, the University's exit surveys, and ongoing informal discussions with faculty, while both the University and the School of Engineering survey MECH alumni. Finally, the institutions and industries that educate and employ our graduates are well represented by our Department's External Advisory Committee. The External Advisory Committee meets annually to discuss and advise the Department on objectives and strategic direction.